Stefano Pini Accursio Raia Giulia Amatori Benedetta Nardi Barbara Carpita Antonio Tundo Liliana Dell'Osso


Mixed depressive states are defined by the co-presence of depressive and manic symptoms. They represent extremely variable conditions from the point of view of clinical expressiveness and are difficult to recognize, ranging from clear schizophrenic-like psychoses and pseudodemented pictures to subsyndromal psychopathology. At the basis of the extreme variability of depressive pictures with mixed features are the different combinations that depressive and manic symptoms can assume. Furthermore, the intensity of depressive symptoms and manic symptoms, combined, can be variable, a factor that contributes to making the picture even more variable. Each form of mixed depressive state therefore presents its own specific symptomatic characteristics and specific difficulties in differential diagnosis and each form requires a different therapeutic strategy. In this work we have distinguished four possible specific subtypes of mixed depressive states, describing their specific clinical presentation and the therapeutic options most supported by the literature with the aim of contributing to a better recognition of mixed depressive states, to avoid incorrect diagnoses at patient and treatments that are useless if not worsening.



mood disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, bipolar mixed states, depressive mixed states, mixed states

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Pini, S., Raia, A., Amatori, G., Nardi, B., Carpita, B., Tundo, A., & Dell'Osso, L. (2024). A reevaluation of mixed depressive states from the DSM-5- TR perspective: a series of prototypical cases. Archive of Clinical Cases, 11(1), 22-28.
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Pini, S., Raia, A., Amatori, G., Nardi, B., Carpita, B., Tundo, A., & Dell'Osso, L. (2024). A reevaluation of mixed depressive states from the DSM-5- TR perspective: a series of prototypical cases. Archive of Clinical Cases, 11(1), 22-28.