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Archive of Clinical Cases is an open access, peer-reviewed online quarterly journal which aims to become a large collection of original case reports and short communications, covering all fields of Medicine.
We consider that healthcare professionals, medical students and researchers need to improve their practice also by accessing information about rare cases, unusual presentations or unusual association of diseases. We also accept for publication original research articles and reviews.
Archive of Clinical Cases understands that sharing medical knowledge is its duty. Therefore, we encourage submission of such reports, especially if sustained by images and correlated with reviews of similar cases in literature.
Before publication, all submitted articles will be fast, but rigorously, peer-reviewed, in order to select the most useful clinical cases to professionals.




Special Issue

Pediatric Hemato-Oncology

(Vol 5, No 2, June 2018)


Progress in pediatric oncology stands as one of the great success stories of the two past decades in oncology, with a current five-year overall survival rate of 80%. Great advances have been made in the treatment of most childhood cancers. However, clinicians still have to face two major challenges: refractory malignancies and sequelae.

The rarity of childhood cancer, differences in age groups, tumor histology, location and dissemination lead all the more to multiple specific cases which are difficult to report in large series. Moreover, while the world of science has changed significantly, mostly thanks to the development of molecular biology and genetics, patient stratification according to specific biomarkers results in very small groups of patients.

Archive of Clinical Cases provides the opportunity to publish case reports and small series of patients which could not be reported in cancer and pediatric journals because of their rarity, but which are essential for pediatric oncology clinicians who have to face very rare critical situations.

Guest Editor:

Prof. Pascal Chastagner, Chief of Department of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology of CHRU Nancy, Children’s Hospital, Vandoeuvre, France.

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Submission period: November 2017 – February 14th 2018

Submission deadline: February 15th 2018

Publication date: June 2018

Vol 4, No 3 (2017)

Table of Contents

Original studies

Mihaela Grecu, Mariana Floria, Elisabeta Hurjui, Dana Mindru, Raluca Ozana Chistol, Catalina Arsenescu Georgescu, Grigore Tinica
Arch Clin Cases 2017; 4(3):139-145
Camil Mireștean, Călin Gheorghe Buzea, Irina Butuc, Alexandru Zara, Dragoș Teodor Iancu
Arch Clin Cases 2017; 4(3):146-153

Case Reports

Victor Constantinescu, Olivier Detante, Daniela Matei, Irina Constantinescu, Catalina Arsenescu-Georgescu, Pascal Defaye, Cristian Dinu Popescu, Dan Cuciureanu
Arch Clin Cases 2017; 4(3):154-168
Raluca Balan, Corina Andriescu, Diana Popovici, Ioana Păvăleanu, Cornelia Amălinei
Arch Clin Cases 2017; 4(3):169-174
Cătălina Arsenescu-Georgescu, Mircea Balasanian, Nicușor Lovin, Larisa Anghel
Arch Clin Cases 2017; 4(3):175-180


Mariana Floria, Mihaela Grecu, Grigore Tinică
Arch Clin Cases 2017; 4(3):181-185