Plasmapheresis can correct refractoriness of insulin on triglyceride metabolism – A case report of hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute pancreatitis

Bala Sundaram, Nabadwip Pathak, Sunil Kumar Nanda


Hypertriglyceridemia associated acute pancreatitis is a medical emergency and it causes significant morbidity and mortality. Here we report a case of 47 years old male with hypertriglyceridemia associated acute pancreatitis. The diagnosis was confirmed by elevated serum triglyceride levels and elevated lipase levels. Initially, Insulin infusion started with fibrates and statins but due to worsening hypertriglyceridemia and he underwent one session of plasmapheresis, following which triglyceride levels improved. Triglyceride assessment in removed plasma in plasmapheresis showed that the amount of triglyceride level reduction was 4 times the amount removed in plasmapheresis. The study showed that plasmapheresis improves insulin-related triglyceride metabolism besides removal.


Plasmapheresis; Insulin; Hypertriglycerdemia; Acute pancreatitis

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