Gyanendra Singh Anurag Singh Anuragani Verma Yogendra Verma Neeraj Kumar


Aspergillus is a ubiquitous fungus that can cause a variety of clinical syndromes. It can lead to a spectrum of clinical presentations depending upon the severity of the disease, degree of immune compromisation, nature and intensity of inflammatory host response. Ovarian aspergilloma is extremely unusual, only a few case reports have been described in the literature. Here, we report a case of ovarian aspergilloma which was masquerading as ovarian neoplasm on clinical examination and radiology. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case report of isolated ovarian aspergillosis in an immunocompetent patient.



Aspergillus, Ovary, Neoplasm, Fungal infection

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Singh, G., Singh, A., Verma, A., Verma, Y., & Kumar, N. (2023). Ovarian aspergilloma in an immunocompetent patient masquerading as ovarian neoplasm. Archive of Clinical Cases, 10(1), Arch Clin Cases 2023; 10(1):39-41.
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Singh, G., Singh, A., Verma, A., Verma, Y., & Kumar, N. (2023). Ovarian aspergilloma in an immunocompetent patient masquerading as ovarian neoplasm. Archive of Clinical Cases, 10(1), Arch Clin Cases 2023; 10(1):39-41.