Post-polypectomy coagulation syndrome: a tricky to diagnose hot snare problem that can be eliminated thanks to cold snare revolution

Maria Zachou, Konstantinos Pikramenos, Georgios Mpetsios, Efthimia Lalla, Maria Panoutsakou, Konstantinos Varytimiadis, Panayiotis Karantanos


Post-polypectomy syndrome or post-polypectomy coagulation syndrome (PPCS) is a rare adverse event of thermal injury caused during hot snare aided, endoscopic mucosal resection of colon polyps. Its diagnosis is tricky as it is commonly misdiagnosed as perforation leading to unnecessary exploratory abdominal surgeries. The authors aim to present an early diagnosed and successfully treated, case of PPCS, and to highlight the difference in the safety profile of two techniques; hot snare versus cold snare polypectomy.


Post-polypectomy coagulation syndrome; endoscopic mucosal resection adverse events; hot snare polypectomy; cold snare polypectomy

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