Adult onset Xanthogranuloma presenting as a solitary laryngeal localization: case report and review of literature

Gianluca Velletrani, Beatrice Francavilla, Valentina Rosati, Belen Padial, Lucia Anemona, Stefano Di Girolamo


Juvenile Xanthogranuloma (XG) is a rare disorder that belongs to the heterogeneous group of histiocytic neoplasms, characterized by a clonal expansion of non-Langerhans cell histiocytes that share a dermal macrophage phenotype. Although the head and neck region is the most common reported site of involvement by the Juvenile Xanthogranuloma family, laryngeal localization is extremely rare. We report a unique case of Adult Onset Xanthogranuloma with subglottic localization, presenting as a solitary laryngeal mass without other systemic or cutaneous lesions. A review of the previously described cases of laryngeal Xanthogranuloma has been performed, highlighting 7 cases of Juvenile Xanthogranuloma and only 3 cases of Adult Onset Xanthogranuloma. Despite the extreme rarity of laryngeal localization of XG, this histiocytic neoplasm should be considered as a differential diagnosis for laryngeal masses causing airway obstruction, even in the absence of other concomitant manifestations.


Xanthogranuloma; Larynx; Subglottis; Histiocytic Neoplasm; Non-Langerhans; Histiocytosis

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