An atypical case of peripheral arterial thrombosis complicated with thromboembolism

Madalina Maria Budur, Gheorghe Iosub, Ionut Munteanu


We report the case of a 47 year-old patient diagnosed with peripheral occlusive arterial disease stage IV. The disease was diagnosed after an 8 months evolution of the symptoms, on a foreground including susceptibility factors such as smoking, high blood cholesterol, hypertension and dehydrating environment. The difficulty in diagnosing was due to the patient’s lack of cooperation and to the fact that he lives in a desert area, not being able to reach medical care immediately. Differential diagnosis with peripheral arterial disease in diabetes, inflammatory arterial disease, collagen diseases and Buerger's disease is required. The particularities of the case are the presence of extensive atheromatous lesions at young age and dry, dehydrating environment, favoring and worsening the condition. As for patient’s evolution, despite following well-conducted antithrombotic treatment, after 3 weeks interval, postoperative arterial thrombosis occurred on controlateral limb.


occlusive peripheral arterial disease, acute limb ischemia, atherosclerosis, iliofemoral bypass

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