Wandering spleen with torsion: a rare cause of acute abdomen in a 14-year-old girl

Banwari lal Bairwa, Shubham Gupta, Aashik Kumar Singh, Pratima Gupta


Wandering spleen is a rare condition and defined as the spleen that is not in its normal anatomical position due to lack or laxity of suspensory ligaments. Etiological factors are congenital and acquired. Splenic torsion, infraction, and rupture are life-threatening complications of wandering spleen. A 14-year-old girl patient presented to the emergency department with severe pain abdomen for 2 days. On physical examination, a large palpable mass in the mid of the abdomen was found, and CECT confirmed it as torsion of wandering spleen. Emergency exploration is done and splenectomy was done due to non-viability of the spleen. The Post-op period was uneventful. Acute torsion of wandering spleen is an extremely rare clinical entity and patient present in an emergency with clinical features of acute abdomen. They may also present with chronic pain abdomen and abdominal mass. Early diagnosis is vital for the preservation of the spleen. Radiological studies have an important role in an accurate diagnosis. Surgery is the gold standard treatment of wandering spleen. Surgery for splenopexy or splenectomy depends on the condition of the spleen during surgery. Timely diagnosis and interventions are crucial to prevent life-threatening complications of wandering spleen.


wandering spleen; splenic torsion; acute abdomen; splenectomy

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