Total hip arthroplasty for an intracapsular femoral neck fracture of high-femoral amputee

Panagiotis Christidis, Theofanis Kantas, Christos Kalitsis, Sampria Georgia Frechat, Georgios Biniaris, Nikolaos Gougoulias


Femoral neck fractures in transfemoral amputees are not common and management is associated with surgical technique and post-operative rehabilitation challenges. A 61-year-old Caucasian, male, above-knee amputee (following mangled extremity trauma 8 months before) who mobilized with a prosthesis presented to the emergency department with a right femoral neck fracture (Garden III). The patient underwent cementless total hip replacement (THR), using the lateral (Hardinge’s) approach. No additional instrument was used to manipulate the residual femoral stump. The absence of the distal limb required careful preparation of the femoral canal, taking into consideration the position of the lesser trochanter, in order to appropriately align the femoral prosthesis regarding anteversion. Postoperative recovery was uneventful. Six months later, the patient was ambulating using his prothesis and had almost returned to his pre-injury activity status. Satisfactory results can be obtained after THR in trans-femoral amputees.


total hip arthroplasty; total hip replacement; above-knee amputation; femoral neck fracture; intracapsular femoral fracture; subcapital femoral fracture

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