Primary solitary fibrous tumor of the thyroid gland: A review starting from a case report

Ion Negură, Victor Ianole, Radu Dănilă, Maria-Christina Ungureanu, Delia Gabriela Ciobanu Apostol


Primary solitary fibrous tumor (SFT) of the thyroid gland is a rare mesenchymal tumor with fibroblastic differentiation, ramified, thin-walled, enlarged (staghorn) vessels and specific NAB2-STAT6 gene fusion, which is more commonly found in pleura and peritoneum. This neoplasm can be located in a variety of anatomical sites outside pleura and peritoneum including bone, visceral organs and soft tissues, head and neck examples representing only 10-15% of the extra-pleural and extra-peritoneal tumors. Diagnosing this entity can be difficult, especially in thyroid gland, mainly because of the rarity of this neoplasm, but presence of characteristic microscopic features together with positivity for STAT6 and CD34 can confirm the diagnosis and exclude other differential diagnosis. Information about the diagnosis and treatment options of thyroid SFTs is limited but almost all primary thyroid SFTs have a good prognosis and indolent clinical course. Clinical surveillance is still necessary because some SFTs can be aggressive. Raising awareness regarding extra-pleural and extra-peritoneal location of this tumor in endocrine organs can help to better manage these patients. We report the case of a 34-year-old female with primary SFT of the thyroid gland. Additionally, we review the literature for the main clinical, paraclinical and pathological features of this neoplasm.


solitary fibrous tumor; thyroid; mesenchymal neoplasm; CD34; BCL-2; STAT6

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