Primary bladder angiosarcoma synchronous with prostatic acinar adenocarcinoma in an 82-year-old male

Cătălina Paranici, Sanda Achim, Valentin Enache, Marina Bara


Primary bladder angiosarcoma is a rarely encountered and poorly described malignancy. Only 34 cases have been described in the English literature according to PubMed, accounting for only 2% of the genitourinary soft tissue sarcomas and 0.6% of all bladder tumors. We report a case of a primary angiosarcoma of the urinary bladder in an 82-year-old patient and present the clinical history, histopathological and immunohistochemical features of this tumor, in order to provide better understanding of the diagnosis, possible therapies and clinical outcome.


bladder angiosarcoma; acinar adenocarcinoma; prostate

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