Bi-level erector spinae plane catheters for multiple rib fractures in a high-risk patient

Matthew H Thompson, Gemma Hodson, Toby W Ashken, Su Cheen Ng


Rib fractures are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Most of the morbidity stems from poorly controlled pain and therefore immobility and weak respiratory effort. Moreover, the number of injured ribs correlates with increasing risk of associated morbidity and mortality. We describe the analgesic management of an elderly co-morbid patient on oral anticoagulant therapy presenting with extensive multilevel rib fractures. According to the Western Trauma Association 2017 risk stratification, her mortality was as high as 20%. When a large number of ribs are involved, single level regional blocks may not provide sufficient local anesthetic spread to cover the extensive injury. Therefore, we employed erector spinae plane catheters at two levels. We believe that our therapeutic approach provided comprehensive, reliable and continuous analgesia, leading to a successful outcome in the case of our patient.


analgesia; erector spinae block; regional; catheter; multiple rib fractures

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