Oncoplastic surgery

Nicolae Ghețu


Oncoplastic surgery safely removes breast cancer with respect to the oncologic principles while avoiding the mutilating radical mastectomy. Oncologic margins prevent or decrease to minimum the persistence of disease or cancer recurrences while preserving and re-modelling the remaining breast tissue to yield a cosmetic appearance. The aesthetic result should be durable even throughout the adjuvant therapy. However, oncoplastic surgery principles apply to other oncologic scenarios. Cosmesis is a whole-body concept nowadays. Patients with large defects of other anatomical areas also require aesthetically-pleasing, functional reconstruction. Herein, the authors demonstrate reconstruction of the post-oncologic defects with a variety of techniques using mostly autologous but also alloplastic materials. Most of the patients underwent adjuvant therapy that is taken into account when planning the reconstruction. The results speak for themselves and demonstrate the place of the plastic surgery in the interdisciplinary team treating the cancer disease.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22551/2018.20.0503.10130

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