Cervical lymph node dissemination of a multirecurrent supratentorial ependymoma

Marie-Amelyne Le Rouzic, Julie Valduga, Fanny Fouyssac, Emmanuelle Schmitt, Ludovic Mansuy, Laurent Coffinet, Valérie Bernier


Ependymomas are rare central nervous system tumors. Half the patients experience recurrence and total resection is of major importance to obtain the most chance of cure. Thus, some patients undergo several repeated resections which may occasionally be at the origin of dissemination along the neuraxis and exceptionally to extraneural sites. We report the case of a boy who presented a multiple recurrence of his supratentorial ependymoma, first at initial site and then with cervical lymph nodes metastases, highlighting the fact that multiple surgical resections may confer an added risk for hematogeneous and lymphatic dissemination. The impact of adjuvant therapies on this risk is discussed.


ependymoma; child; surgical dissemination; extraneural metastases

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22551/2018.19.0502.10126

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