Adriana Grigoras Ludmila Lozneanu Constantin Cristian Grigoras Simona Eliza Giusca Irina Draga Caruntu Cornelia Amalinei


Periostin is an extracellular matrix protein which intervenes in the regulation of angiogenesis, and in tumoral cells proliferation and invasion. Recent studies, mainly experimental models, have demonstrated the intervention of this molecule in asthmatic disease, by eosinophils recruitment, bronchial wall remodeling, and by stimulation of inflammatory cytokines production. Currently, periostin is considered a marker of type 2 inflammation in asthma, being secreted by respiratory epithelial cells triggered by IL-13 and IL-4. Concomitantly, periostin accumulated at the bronchial epithelial-connective tissue interface is involved in fibrogenesis and mucus secretion, in correlation with the intensity of bronchial mucosa eosinophilic inflammatory infiltrate. However, the intimate molecular mechanisms of periostin involvement in the pathogenic pathway of asthmatic diseases is far away from elucidation, further research being necessary to certify its value as a biomarker useful in diagnosis and in establishment of therapeutic schemes in bronchial asthma.



periostin, bronchial asthma, allergic inflammation

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Grigoras, A., Lozneanu, L., Grigoras, C. C., Giusca, S. E., Caruntu, I. D., & Amalinei, C. (2017). Periostin in bronchial asthma – a brief update. Archive of Clinical Cases, 4(1), Arch Clin Cases 2017; 4(1):47-51.