Intricate treatment of Endophthalmitis

Ionela Iosub, Livia Sram


Uveitis implies an inflammation of the uveal tract. However, the term is commonly used to describe many forms of intraocular inflammation involving not only the uvea but also the retina and its vessels. We present the case of a 9 year-old girl, hospitalized in Emergency Eye Hospital of Bucharest, for uveitis with hypopyon. Special investigations (infectious, rheumatological, imaging, immunological) revealed endophthalmitis of unknown etiology. The patient received a complex treatment, comprising of systemically administered tienam and prednisone, and of local treatment and intravitreal with triamcinolone injection. Given the complications of the cataract in the course of the disease, vitrectomy and Extra-Capsular Extraction (EEC) with intraocular lens implantation followed. The functional outcome was very good, periodic monitoring is required to be prolonged.


endophthalmitis, intravitreal injection, cataract

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