Ileo-ileal intussusception due to small bowel melanoma

Mahteme Bekele Muleta, Desalegn Abdisa, Bereket Berhane


Gastrointestinal tract malignant melanoma is an uncommon form of neoplasm that may be either primary or metastatic. Diagnosis is often delayed until the illness becomes an emergency due to complications, such as intestinal hemorrhage, obstruction and perforation. We report a case of 42 year-old Ethiopian male patient presented to the emergency department with sign and symptoms of intestinal obstruction. The patient underwent laparotomy, ileo-ileal intussusception reduced and small bowel mass resection done. The histopathologic examination confirmed malignant small bowel melanoma. The purpose of this case report is to discuss clinical presentation and pathologic features of this rare condition with a review of the current literature.


small bowel melanoma, ileo-ileal intussusception

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