Classical nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma presenting with atypical cardiac involvement

Georgiana Butura, Ion Antohe, Catalin Danaila, Alexandru Gluvacov, Dan Ferariu, Mugurel Bosanceanu, Angelica Slatineanu, Amalia Merticariu, Walther Bild, Angela Dascalescu


Primary and secondary cardiac involvements in lymphomas are extremely rare and sometimes ill-defined entities. Thorough clinical and imagistic investigation is crucial to evaluate disease extension and its impact on cardiac function. Chemotherapeutic agents with potential cardiovascular toxicity must be cautiously employed in high risk patients. We present the case of a young female patient with classical limited stage Hodgkin lymphoma and unfavorable prognostic factors, cardiac tumor mass with significant mediastinal extension, pleural effusion and subsequent cardiac dysfunction. Potentially cardiotoxic ABVD regimen yielded complete remission and progressive reversal of parameters of cardiac function.


Hodgkin lymphoma, cardiac tumor, Doxorubicin

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