Amalia Ioana Arhire Cristina Stefan Suzana Florea Simona Tau Carmen Gabriela Barbu


Hungry bone syndrome represents a severe and rapid hypocalcemia associated with hypophosphatemia and hypomagnesaemia, which remain a challenge in the post-operative management of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). We present a case of hungry bone syndrome which turned out to be atypical in spite of the appropriate prevention and treatment management because of a neglected primary hyperparathyroidism that was associated with iron-deficiency, megaloblastic anemia and bone fibrosis. Moreover, the renal failure suggests that the severity of disease was determined by the period of hyperparathyroidism and the increased number of complications.



primary hyperparathyroidism, hungry bone syndrome, hypocalcemia, anemia, severe osteoporosis

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Arhire, A. I., Stefan, C., Florea, S., Tau, S., & Barbu, C. G. (2015). Hungry bone syndrome - a foreseen complication: theory versus practice. Archive of Clinical Cases, 2(4), Arch Clin Cases 2015; 2(4):216-221.
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Arhire, A. I., Stefan, C., Florea, S., Tau, S., & Barbu, C. G. (2015). Hungry bone syndrome - a foreseen complication: theory versus practice. Archive of Clinical Cases, 2(4), Arch Clin Cases 2015; 2(4):216-221.