Complete major pancreatic duct disruption complicated by pancreatico-atmospheric fistula following blunt upper abdominal trauma

Shafic Abdulkarim, Saud Aldeghaither, Dan L Deckelbaum


Pancreatic injury post blunt abdominal trauma is exceedingly rare. When complete major pancreatic duct (MPD) disruption occurs, a disconnection between the pancreas and the duodenum can take place, ultimately leading to fistula formation. We describe a case of MPD disruption following blunt abdominal trauma, complicated by a fistula between the pancreas and an open abdomen (pancreatico-atmospheric fistula). Although the fistula was managed using standard methods for treating pancreatic fistulas, wound care was a significant challenge in this case where the fistula exteriorized into an open abdomen.


blunt abdominal trauma; pancreatico-cutaneous fistula; pancreatic injury; pancreatico-atmospheric fistula; distal pancreatectomy; wound care

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