Unilateral complicated pleural empyema in a patient with bronchial asthma due to clindamycin-resistant Prevotella buccae

Sakshi Patel, Hamza Hanfe, Alkesh Kumar Khurana, Arati Bhadade, Shashwati Nema


Prevotella buccae (P. buccae) is a gram-negative obligate anaerobe mainly associated with infections of odontogenic origin. Non-oral monomicrobial infection by these obligate anaerobic bacteria is rare. Only a few cases of monomicrobial non-oral infections by P. buccae have been reported in the literature. We are reporting a case of unilateral complicated pleural empyema in a patient with bronchial asthma infected by P. buccae. Pleural fluid aerobic culture and blood culture reports were sterile. No acid-fast bacilli were detected by Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) staining, and cartridge-based nucleic acid assay test (CBNAAT) reports were negative for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The isolate, P. buccae was found susceptible to Metronidazole (MIC = 3 µg/ml) and resistant to Clindamycin (MIC = 256 µg/ml). In view of rising trends of antimicrobial resistance among anaerobes, it is recommended to perform anaerobic culture and sensitivity testing in clinically suspected cases of pleuropulmonary infection for appropriate diagnosis and optimal patient management. Clindamycin should be used with caution for empiric treatment.


clindamycin resistance; pleural empyema; Prevotella buccae

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22551/2023.41.1004.10263

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