Archive of Clinical Cases is an open access, peer-reviewed online quarterly journal which aims to become a large collection of original case reports, covering all fields of Clinical Medicine. Before acceptance and publication, all submitted articles will be fast, but rigorously, peer-reviewed, in order to select the most useful clinical cases to professionals.

We also accept for publication a limited number of reviews and original research studies. 

Case Reports

Active toxoplasma chorioretinitis in immunocompromised patients: a case series

Mustafa Kayabaşı, Turhan Mammadov, Seher Köksaldı, Gül Arıkan, Süleyman Kaynak, Ali Osman Saatci

Triple Whammy in a Patient with Portal Vein Thrombosis

Elamein Yousif, Elamin Dahawi, Sarah Premraj, Wissem Melki

A reevaluation of mixed depressive states from the DSM-5- TR perspective: a series of prototypical cases

Stefano Pini, Accursio Raia, Giulia Amatori, Benedetta Nardi, Barbara Carpita, Antonio Tundo, Liliana Dell'Osso

Exploring the severity and early onset of familial type 1 diabetes in Romania: genetic and microbiota insights

Amalia Ioana Arhire, Dorian Sorin Ioacara, Teodora Papuc, Gratiela Gradisteanu Parcalibioru, Simona Fica

Internal hernia as cause of acute abdomen in a preterm neonate: when necrotizing enterocolitis is not the culprit

Zoi Lamprinou, Elisavet Kanna, Ioannis Skondras, Rodanthi Sfakiotaki, Jonida Mene, Orthodoxos Achilleos