Archive of Clinical Cases

Archive of Clinical Cases is an open access, peer-reviewed online quarterly journal which aims to become a large collection of original case reports, covering all fields of Clinical Medicine. We consider that healthcare professionals, medical students and researchers need to enrich their knowledge and improve their practice also by accessing information about rare cases, unusual presentations, unusual association of diseases or cases that may uncover new pathogenic mechanisms.

We also accept for publication a limited number of reviews. 

Archive of Clinical Cases understands that sharing medical knowledge is its core-duty. Therefore, we encourage submission of such reports, especially if sustained by relevant images and correlated with reviews of similar cases in literature. Before publication, all submitted articles will be fast, but rigorously, peer-reviewed, in order to select the most useful clinical cases to professionals.


We're pleased to announce that Archive of Clinical Cases is now indexed in

Clarivate - Web of Science (ESCI) and

Vol 10, No 4 (2023)

Table of Contents

Case Reports

Ahmed Alderazi, Alec B. Rezigh
Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(4):146-149
Sakshi Patel, Hamza Hanfe, Alkesh Kumar Khurana, Arati Bhadade, Shashwati Nema
Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(4):150-152
Josef Finsterer
Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(4):153-156
Clara Montalbano, Accursio Raia, Valerio Caruso, Lavinia Migli
Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(4):157-159
Simona Stefania Juncu, Anca Victorita Trifan, Horia Minea, Raluca-Ioana Avram, Camelia Cojocariu, Ana-Maria Singeap
Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(4):160-163
Nelson Franqui-Rios, Yasmin Garcia, Leened Velazquez-Garcia
Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(4):171-174
Todd Furr, Brandon Grodman, Jeremy Heffernan
Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(4):175-178
Shafic Abdulkarim, Saud Aldeghaither, Dan L Deckelbaum
Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(4):179-182
Vlad Ionut Vlasceanu, Radu Petru Soroceanu, Daniel Vasile Timofte, Andi Gabriel Iordache, Cristina Ciobanu Strobescu, Sergiu Timofeiov
Arch Clin Cases. 2023;10(4):187-190