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Archive of Clinical Cases is an open access, peer-reviewed online quarterly journal which aims to become a large collection of original case reports, covering all fields of Clinical Medicine. We consider that healthcare professionals, medical students and researchers need to enrich their knowledge and improve their practice also by accessing information about rare cases, unusual presentations, unusual association of diseases or cases that my uncover new pathogenic mechanisms. We also accept for publication original research articles, reviews and letters to the editor. 

Archive of Clinical Cases understands that sharing medical knowledge is its core-duty. Therefore, we encourage submission of such reports, especially if sustained by relevant images and correlated with reviews of similar cases in literature. Before publication, all submitted articles will be fast, but rigorously, peer-reviewed, in order to select the most useful clinical cases to professionals.




Special Issue

Oncoplastic Surgery

(Vol 5, No 3, September 2018)


Originally coined for breast cancer treatment, oncoplastic surgery aims to treat cancer patients who also require contribution from plastic surgery for various reconstructions. Oncologic principles must be met and resection should remove the cancer and prevent recurrences. Plastic surgeons mission is to mold tissue to achieve form and function in the most aesthetically-pleasant fashion. Moreover, the reconstruction must consider adjuvant oncologic treatments: chemotherapy and irradiation impair final result or add morbidity that needs specific treatment. Integrated multidisciplinary approach and staged planning is the key for success.

Archive of Clinical Cases provides the opportunity of the special issue dedicated for clinical cases and small series of malignancies treated with respect to the above paradigm, following the oncoplastic surgery principles.

Guest Editor:

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nicolae Ghetu, Grigore T Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania; Attending Plastic Surgeon Regional Oncology Institute, Iasi, Romania

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Submission period: November 2017 – July 15th 2018

Submission deadline: July 15th 2018

Publication date: September 2018

Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Original studies

Alina Cristina Iliescu, Mariana Floria, Mihaela Grecu, Ionuț Achiței, Cristina Luca, Grigore Tinică
Arch Clin Cases 2018; 5(1):1-6

Case Reports

Maria Catalina Vaz Ferreira, Juan Pablo Gesuele
Arch Clin Cases 2018; 5(1):7-9
Victor Ianole, Loredana Beatrice Ungureanu, Eugenia Moroșan, Cristian Dumitru Lupașcu
Arch Clin Cases 2018; 5(1):10-14
Cătălin Toma, Bogdan Filip, Fawzy Akad, Karina Bilavschi, Cristina Terinte, Viorel Scripcariu
Arch Clin Cases 2018; 5(1):15-19


Adriana Grigoraș, Laura Rîșcanu, Cornelia Amălinei
Arch Clin Cases 2018; 5(1):20-30